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 I decided to start writing in this space to give my girls tips and new trend alerts but also to help them find the style that goes better with each one. I hope you guys find it useful and fun at the same time.

First, let’s go back to when it all started for me. My name is Vanessa, founder of VR and I’m a  23 years old girl from Venezuela that recently moved to Miami. Since I could walk I’ve always been into fashion, clothing, styling and shopping, it’s been a passion of mine that started as something personal but it’s been evolving to a career and job for me. ( That’s one of the reasons I founded VR Collection) when I came to Miami I didn’t know what to do or what to study. So, I decided to follow my passion, something that never feels like work for me. 

I am so grateful for all the support I get, not only from my family but clients that had become friends ♥️

Now, let’s talk about fashion. Fashion for me is a way to express what I’m feeling and what I want to transmit to the people that surrounds me. The most important thing is to always feel comfortable with what you’re wearing (trendy or not) and understand that sometimes simplicity is the key, like a white blouse with the right jeans or pants.

I put together a little style guide to make it easier for you. And I’m linking all the products so you can shop it directly. You’ll see that something as simple and elegant as a white blouse or shirt can be a powerful asset for your closet and help you put on those moments you don’t feel like planning a whole outfit.

Love, VR.




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